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    May 15, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

while spending time with her family at their vacation home in clear krooek. they found her body in a creek at cache creek. there was so much hope yesterday and today the tragic news. >> reporter: the worst possible news, janelle. michaela's family was planning to talk to the media and announce a $50,000 reward this afternoon for the safe return of michae michaela. all that changed when searchers discover her body a short distance from where shez disappear. hugs and tears after volunteers learned that searchers found the bod ki of the nine-year-old in cache creek. >> unfortunately we have conclusion to the serge. ms. michaela has been found diseased in the water not far from the residence. >> she is in the hands of god
and e i have no questions about that. we're the ones that need the strength and the help. >> reporter: chaplain larry fanning spent time with michaela's parents this afternoon. he says they're surrounded by friends and family who are showering them with love. >> they're cope in the same way that they've dealt with the last three days, hero cli. >> searchers spent the afternoon breaking down the command 0 post anne breaking the news to volunteers who showed up to lend a helping hand. >> she's out there, she's got to be hungry. got to be thirsty. so we brought some little snacks just in case and a blank ket. >> she drove up from san francisco to support her friends who are michaela's teachers. >> we came to support them and to be here for whatever the
outcome is. >> reporter: while it's not the ending they had hoped for, many feel grateful at least the family knows what happened to the nine-year-old with autism and the search is over. >> i'm ready to cry. it's heart breaking. it's just somebody's baby. somebody's little girl. >> reporter: now, michaela loved to run, says the chaplain and she also loved the water. that's partly why the family moved up here to clear lake. he speculates when the yard gate was ined a vert tenially left open she did what felt natural to her, run to the water. >> jodi u, thank you there's a debate in the san jose neighborhood how to slow down the traffic. a five-year-old girl was hit and killed by an suv yesterday. neighbors near park view
elementary school are calling for change. not everyone is on board. getting speed bumps and crossing guards takes time and neighborhood cooperation. here's nbc bay area's chris sanchez. >> the street side memorial for the five-year-old grows across from park view elementary school in san jose a day after she was struck and killed by a 20 years driver while walking with her two-year-old sister and her aunt. san jose police are on patrol here but not permanently. for now parents and staff wave slow down signs at drivers passing by. people who live along blue field drive say speed was a problem long before she was killed. >> even starting at 5:30 in the morning they're speeding, just late for work. i even yell at hem to slow down. >> before yesterday's tragedy neighbors were divided on the speed bump issue. while the san jose police
department school safety unit employs 180 crossing guards over 131 locations, this is not one of them. according to the department there's been no request. in her death changes that the process could take up to a year unless the city council interseeds. >> when it's drop off time and pick up time, there's so many cars and kids an traffic, there just needs to be speed bumps, something else has to be in place. >> reporter: chris sanchez nbc bay area news. well san jose police did tell us that the driver of that suv is cooperating with police and has not been charged with any wrongdoing, drugs or alcohol are not believe to be factors. new at 5:00 the owner of a party bus is in jail this afternoon. john st. james, the owner of pat party bus in santa cruz was arrested on charge of vehicular homicide and involuntary
manslaughter. last july the victim was returning from a concert when she fell out of the limousine bus. the grand jury determined st. james exhibited gross negligence in overseeing the may it please the court innocence of his company's bus and ensuring his passengers' safety. if convicted he facing a max u mum of six years in jail. a 12-year-old boy made his first court appearance today following his arrest for killing his eight-year-old sister. leila fowler was stabbed to death in the family's home last month. her brother claimed to see a strange jer running from the home. but last saturday detectives arrested the brother. today in the closed door juvenile proceeding prosecutors charged him with second degree murder. if convicted he can be held until his 23rd birthday but he's more likely to be patrolled by the age of 19 or 20.
>> a three alarm fire destroyed a 90--year-old crematory youm. flames broke out as workers were preparing to perform a cremation. the adjoining chapel built back in 1982 may have suffered smoke damage. it's not known what caused the flame to burn out of control but say similar fires have happened here in the past. they're known for many cemeteries in which more than a million people are buried there. >> another fire on the peninsula. 20 people don't have a home after after early morning fire in redwood city. the fire zroid a complex on oak side avenue. because of the amount of carport fires they're checking to see if that's where this fire sarted, in the car hospital. two people were hurt. >> fire, fire, fire. put all the people outside. then i call 911.
i was scared. >> the fire department says about an hour before this fire a burned car was found just a couple of blocks away. they do not know if the two fires are connected. >> an overflow crowd to see the next be bing big thing in san francisco. our scott buds man was here to get the first luck. >> ask me again when people have actually used the new technology. google says 900 million android devices are out there and that help their stock share reach 9 dollars a share. what's next? here's a look. with crowds so big people had to sirj search for people's ooh to see the ceo ooerks keynote speech. goog. developers gathed in san
francisco hike virt chul trails with the backpack. >> weapon went to the grand canyon with two backpacks, hiked the trails and all the way down to phantom branch, along the canyon rim trail, all of the while collecting imagery. >> rather than all of us looking at the same map at the same time. now we're talking about being able to search for you family restaurant, your fave places and all of that information is tall lored and customized for you. >> there's lots of new technology to get your hands on here. from your laptop and your phone to track data underwater and in the sky. >> here's a way to play a very expensive game while navigating yourself over google street view. this way you can move over a map anywhere in the entire world. >> as google competes with the likes of appling with facebook and twitter, new technology is the key and most of this is on
its way to your devices. google also launched a new paid music streaming today to compete with pandora. their streaming has not gained much traction but streaming music is hot today and google wants to be a part of it. >> thanks so much, scott. still ahead at 5:00, rain on the way. >> that's right, jamelle and raj. we are tracking a storm system offshore that's taking a push to the south. it's been windy today, 20 to 40 mile-per-hour. the jet stream going to swing south as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast with a chance of some rare showers. there's emeryville clouds increasing. i'll have to time line coming up. one of the country's most enfa mouse prisoners has his say. the emotional plea from o.j. simpson.
>> how this device is changing the way wreconsuction surgery. >> the stars are shining bright in the east bay area. ♪
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it's been a busy day in washington. president obama announces the resignation of acting irs commissioner steve miller. i comes off the latest scandal, the irs targeting tea party groups since the spring of 2010. irs employees questioned conservative groups about their qualification for tax exempt stat fuss. palm addressed the matter today saying those who are responsible will be held accountable. >> the misconduct that uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of
behavior in any agency but especially in the irs. >> the president told reporters earlier this week he did not know about the irs's profiling until just last friday. >> it's been years since we've heard him but today o.j. simpson took the witness stand in a las vegas courtroom. he's serving a prison sentence for robbery, assault and kidnapping is appealing the convictions. on the stand the san francisco native recounted the series of e vebts that unfold ld after he learned a sports mem beelia dealer was selling items simpson believes were his. simpson claims his former lawyer told him it would be okay to take his items back. >> he gave me an example that if you were walking down the street and you saw your laptop with your name on it in a car, you can use the force to break the window of the car to get the laptop. >> he got pretty emotional at
timeston stand. the 65-year-old was convicted 0 leading a group of armed associates into a las vegas hotel room where they formed people to turn over the items once belonging to the disgraced football star. >> turning to the man accused of kidnapping three women and hold them for a decade said he's not a monster. they also say ariel castro cares deeply for the six-year-old daughter he fathered with one of his alleged captives, amanda berry. >> mr. castro is extremely committed to the well-being and positive future for his daughter who he loves deerly. >> the attorney say castro will plead not guilty. he's accused of kidnapping and rape but could also face charges of aggravated murder for allegedly forcing one of his victims to mistake five times.
in health matters, for the first time scientists have turned human stem cells into embryonic stem cells. researchers at the or oregon health and signs technology they use clone ma'aming to. they transplant the knew clee us into the egg cell. the unfertilized egg develops and produces stem cells. it's a spot to be. famous musicians and actors coming together to help a hospital. >> it's helped raise more than $2 million dollars for the kids. her's nbc bay area loren scott. >> reporter: for several years running oakland has play host at the fox treat. the proceeds benefit children's
hospital and research center oakland. it's a very smart culture we have here so i don't think that you can throw a rubber chicken on a plate and hope to raise a lot of awarsness. >> so the event organizer gathers together some very talented friends. >> we have ann la month who is a person hero of mine, cake is our band who is one of my al-time favorite bands. they were so gracious. >> grace that's been amp fiez by her who saw first hand with her own daughter outer children's hospital responds to families in need of top flight care. >> she was three months old, she had meningitis and we came to the hospital and i came to the super strong feeling that i wanted to do something for the people that work here so quietly and. >> notes will continue to blend in the years to follow. >> our fantasy is that there
will be two events that everybody looks forward to one is notice and words one is the bridge school benefit. we feel like there's a window for smart satisfying entertainment with a purpose and we feel like it's pretty fun to bring people across the bridges into oakland to see the fox theater. >> with this look at just some whaf has to see, here and experience in the bay area this weekend, i'm lawrence scott. >> we want to get to breaking news now. this is in the al ma area op san jose. san jose police are on the scene after a triple stabbing. this is two children and an adult female have been stabbed. they're at a hospital now. this is in san jose. our nbc chopper is above the scene. >> on the phone right now is santa clara sheriff's deputy. he is there. can you tell us what's happening and where the investigation
stands? can you tell us what's happening there in the neighborhood. >> so at approximately 3:30 this afternoon the sheriff's office received a 911 call reporting that three people had been stabbed, one adult and two children under the age of five. the children have been transported to local area hospitals. their status or condition is unknown at this time. i'm not sure about the adult and what her condition is. currently we're trying to develop any information about suspects and searching the area surrounding the scene to see what we can determine. >> deputy if i can come in here, in is this area, location closed off? we see from our nbc chopper a lot of police and investigators on the scene. is this area closed off now to traffic? >> yeah, right now you know we're asking people the area of allen rock and white because of all of the police activity we're asking people to avoid the area happened and that the area is
safe from any outstandingsuspects. >> how did you find out about this case? was there a 911 call? what led you to the home. >> we received a 911 call from the residence. oom not sure anything else beyond that at this point. but that's when departmenties arrived an found three people have been stabbed. >> just to clier fie, do you have a suspect and do you believe that suspect is in this neighborhood at this point. >> i'm not sure we have any suspect information. we're soerjing the neighborhood to find out if there's a suspect in the area or if there's any evidence or thinking else in the neighborhood that we can locate. we're really asking people to try to avoid the area. if they live in that area to stay in their house. it makes our job a lot easier in making sure there's nobody in the area of immediate danger. >> obviously a very fluid situation. thank you so much for you time, deputy. good luck out there with that investigation. >> so again this is a triple
stabbing in the allen rock area. they're trying to keep people away from the area. they believe the suspect might be in that area. >> triple stabbings, an adult female and two young children around the age of five were their conditions unknown at this time. we'll monitor this in our news cast. >> let's get a check of our forecast where it's cooled down a little bit. >> we're looking at some larger changes including om rainfall. the storm system we've been tracking looks like it's deaf yath to the south and that is going to be good enough to bring us a few showers. the we're dry from santa rosa all the way down to san jose but increasing possibilities of showers over the next 18 hours. it is windy out here, 10 to 20 mile-per-hour and it looks like that wind will stay with us tonight an all the way through tomorrow. very strong onshore flow ahead of the system. throw tonight it will say
cloudy, temperatures in the 60s. throughout the late morning hours we'll introduce the chance of showers. in san jose the haze increasing, also gradually cloud cover as we step off to the north. in palo alto we have some high level close that are getting pulled apart by upper level energy and we bring you san francisco where the clouds are in on the increase. so for tomorrow we'll start off at 7:00 with the best chance of some howers in the north bay an golden gate gap. as we head throughout 9 clock in the morning we'll see the showers move off to the south. not a strong storm but rathered some scattered his and miss shower es. that will gradually push out as we head throughout thursday afternoon. the best spot at this point to get any kind of rain acushion nations will be the north bay, trace amounts to maybe -- also
at the coastline. not a big soaker for the south bay. temperaturings starting out low to mid 50s for the most part. daytime high on our thursday will top off cooler, upper 60s an low 70s down in the south bay. 69 in please anton an 67 in dublin, fran 63 for you. the chance of showers again for tomorrow then throughout friday aund saturday it clears out an gradually warms up and the next big thing on tap of the showers tomorrow will be increasing fire danger for monday and tuesday of next week. >> very interesting weather. thank you, jeff.
hold on to your cell phone. a new map reveals which san francisco neighbors have the most cell steps. the hidch we'll be right back. h. . .
there is heightened interest in breast reconstruction after ak dress angelina jolie said she
underwent the procedure. >> tonight marianne favro joins us. >> one of those devices is a remote control that temporarily inflats an implant. this remote is one of those improvements. mas toektmy patients receive a slightly inflated temporary implant that must be gradually iminflat iminflated. it involves weekly trips to the doctor. mastectomy patient of san jose had to procedure. >> sit a very l unkfrtable. >> she could feel the uncomfortable tension for days. with this new remote patients can fill their own implant with air. >> this new air expander instead of a needle poke, there's remote that communicates with the expander. so no needles, very small dose
can be given multiple times a day spaced out over a week so that it's less painful. >> the air expander allows women the power to adjust the increase to what their body the handle. >> certainly being diagnosed with breast cancer or finding out, say for people who have the breast cancer gene it can be devastating and they feel like they don't have control. to have some control in this process means a lot 0 to the patients. >> this doctor is now involved for a clinical trial of the air ex-panders. so far 30 bay area women have tried it. >> the less pain and the more gradual you can do it the better. >> the implant filled with air is temporary. once it's full then patients have another surgery to put in a permanent implant.
>> okay. recapping our breaking news tonight, two separate man hunts involved in south bay. on our broadcast tonight, damage control. a late day surprise appearance tonight by the president as the white house faces problems on three fronts. among them, the benghazi e-mails. our first look at what's in them. the source of so much controversy. what was really going on in the hours after that attack? also tonight, out of control. explosive allegations raising new concerns at the pentagon about the rise in sexual assaults in the american military, as another man in charge of stopping them is now facing an investigation of his own. and her choice. the public disclosure by angelina jolie that she's undergone a double mastectomy is raising a lot of questions across the country tonight. dr. nancy snyderman has some answers. "nightly news" begins now.